For a long time ago i wanted to write about Anna Radchenko.

I have discovered this artist photographe with her "mother love" serie. An amazing photoshoot full of realism and details within a lot of people will recognize them.

First, a word on "Mother love".

We have all, consciously or unconsciously suffer about dreams and fears of our parents. "You will be a doctor my son", "don't do that, God prohibits", "let's danse, when i was young, i dreamt about it". And when we are child, we don't want to go against our parent's opinion. We play the sport, they played, we make the studies they made, we follow the way they wanted to follow for them. We try to please them even if we don't like it,. And as they say "it is because it's good for us".
They send back on their kids, their failed aspirations, their fallen dreams and their failures. They live by proxy trought their children the life that will become for the child, failed aspirations, fallen dreams and failures.
All the Anna Radchenko's genius is in the details, the antagonisms presents in the pictures.
One of the most expressive picture is the "danser" one.
mother love We can see a mother, an unkempt person wearing an overall and curler in her hairs. She is obese and eating junk food. She is looking her daughter with pleasure and a satisfaction smile. On the contrary, her daughter is wearing a tutu and is standing straight. She is slim with a perfect bun. The daughter looks just above her mother like she is thinking, evasive, empty. The contrast continue with the chair, with golden sheets for ornement. Here is the symbole of a controling matron in opposition with the formal attitude of her daughter, who is setting back like a serving staff for the dream of the mother.
The comparison and the depth of the interpretation can be noticeable in all the pictures within we can understand the oppositions between wishes and reality of the education, projection of the fears or overprotection of children. Maybe the message is simply to let them live and follow their own life?

mother love
Of course, this serie is awesome, but the talent of Anna Radchenko can be see with her others series with fashion, wedding, portrait or other personal projects. Anna Radchenko is one of the artist photographer who let her talent talk trought differents theme and make us travel in her own univers.

rouge et noir
homo femini
homo femini

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