Rolex is one of the most famous maison of horolorgy. Even people who doesn’t care about watches know Rolex.

Jacques Seguela, (a french pundit) said « If when you are 50 you haven’t a Rolex, you failed your life ! ». If it’s not absolutely true, when Rolex give you Rolex, you can say you are on the good way.

Since the begining, with P&S Peter&Serguei, i want to help young buisinessmen, artists and people in precarious situation by testing their ideas, realise their projects or simply give a training program. But it’s too earlier in my case.
Rolex,make it since 1976 with the « Rolex awards for enterprise ». And because the project is more important than the people, Rolex open the applications to all people older than 18years old, whatever where they come from and their career path.
The project has to help to expand the knowledge of our world and improve the quality of life on the planet.
There is many categories from the scinces to the culture, by health and technology, environment and exploration.
An independent Jury of experts to choose 10 exceptional individuals who demonstrate that they have pioneering projects that will benefit the world.

The laureates will each receive 100.000 Swiss francs (80.000 euros) to advance their projects. Young laureats will have 50.000 Swiss Francs each.
They will also benefit from worldwide publicity and receive a Rolex chronometer. .
The deadline for pre-application is 31 may 2015.

You can send your appication here : RolexAwards

For information, this year, the laureats were:
Science and Health -Neeti Kailas 29yo ; India with a project of detection Increase screening of newborn babies for hearing loss.
-Hosam Zowawi ; Australia, Gulf region works to develop faster superbug tests and raise awareness of antibiotic resistance.
Environment -Olivier Nsengimana 30yo ; Rwanda who want to create a protection program for the grey crowned crane.
Exploration -Francesco Sauro 29yo; Brasil and Venesuela , He explores ancient quartzite caves in the table-top mountains of South America.
Technology -Arthur Zang ; Cameroon who works on the first first medical computer tablet to help diagnose people with heart disease.