1 Veste Fourrure noire modele
"Tomoe Ingwe, faux panthera's fur coat" 2 Veste kimono modele
"Yaeko, jacket" 3 Manteau lion modele
"Himba gozen, faux lion's fur coat"" 4 kimono modele
"Tsuru, Lambswool, cashmere and silk jacket" "Hime, Lambswool, cashmere and silk trousers" 5 salopette
"Dinka Gozen, Lambswool, cashmere and silk overalls" 6 combinaison modele
"Kunoishi, Lambswool, cashmere and silk Jumpsuit" 7 ensemble fourrure
"Chaka Miya, tweed top" "Um Shinobu, tweed and faux lion's fur skirt" Reversible
"Teruha, reversible with removable nod"

La maison P&S Peter&Serguei

The spirit of P&S Peter&Serguei is from the beggining in 2012, a strong woman, with personnality, ambitious. La maison P&S Peter&Serguei travel between tradition and modernity, inspired by woman through the time and cultures. This link between tradition and modernity is made by fabrics, custom for P&S Peter&Serguei by the greatest french and english maison with ancestral technics.

The first collection inspired but the women pioneer of the aviation, was unfortunaly canceled because of the thieft of our fabrics.

This experience made the P&S Peter&Serguei maison stronger and come back with the first capsule collection "Onna-Morani" which perpetuate more than never a fighting spirit.

La collection « Onna-Morani »

P&S Peter&Serguei show for the fall winter 14-15 the "Onna-Morani" collection during the Bordeaux Fashion Week. This name comes from the japanese and the maasai and means "warrior woman". The "Onna-morani" collection associate two différentes cultures with a lot of traditions.

P&S Peter&Serguei think that design must be associate with know how and exceptionals fabrics. The "Onna-Morani" collection look for the spirit of this cultures. The african spirit is soft to symbolize the "unpretentiousness" of the african way of life. Fabrics are wild, animal. Some fabrics were made thinking about african tribe's houses that looks like straw. or try to imitate the ochre color with silver reflects, that look like the "himbas" woman skin. The lion give his mane and panthera her black fur. Like this, the owner can incarnate a woman felin, unmate, fatal.

Cuts are straight in tribute of the japanese strictness. The fall-winter collection is inspired by "onna-bugeishas". Woman high educated who know as good the decorum and art of the fight. Nods seems easy and the english fabrics, lambswool and cachemere, come from man collection and the lining is in silk to symbolize an active life.

P&S Peter&Serguei shows for this fall winter 14-15, a subtly complex woman, refined and untamed, wild and delicate, freed, playing with the codes

-The "musée national des douanes" at Bordeaux was the place of the fashion.

The P&S Peter&Serguei collection act like an artwork. We have selected the "musée des douanes" because it is transfer of goods' zone, a place, where the cultures are mixed, that is the spirit of the fall-winter 14-15 collection.

P&S Peter&Serguei is associate with famous artists.

P&S Peter&Serguei work with the hat maker Candice Angelini and the glove maker Aristide, with whom we share the same artistic vision between wild and natural and worked, structured. Between tradition and modernity.

-For the fashion show, créations were sublimate but Candice Angélini's hat. www.candiceangelini.com

The glover Aristide, french maker, bring his touch with his modern sculptural leather gloves. Golden, see-through, black and red or marroon with geometrical design. www.aristide-collection.com