Few days ago, i've made a collage with the diamond skull «for love of god » of Damian Hirst to create a link between few inspirations of the fall/winter 15/16 collection.

The skull is used since a lot of time in the fashion industry. By the way, and in my opinion, it's hard to use and ask a very great creativity for whom want to use.
And then i've discoverd this piece of the swizz jeweler "de Grisogo", extraordinary creative, the "crazy skull ".

This skull with big eyes, watch us with two watches and a mischievous diamond smile of 7.70 carats.
Crazy-Skull-de-grisogono-diamants-406x610.jpg This crazy skull can stick its 66 pink sapphirs tongue out for the white diamond version (or in ruby for the ruby one).
The watchstrap is in galuchat and to end the jewel, the clasp is two crosses diamond bones.
As you guessed, this "crazy skull" is make by precisous rocks, metals and leathers. It's also the presentation of an exceptional know-how, but what please me the most, is the artistic approach.
Crazy-Skull-de-grisogono-dessin-915x610.jpg Many interpretations are possible. More or less cynic, more or less optimist. I let you have your own interpretation. Personnaly, i've already aswered this question while an interview in french in « what is luxe » saying, real luxury is time.

I will recommend your this masterpiece which will perfectly go with our next fall/winter 15/16 collection.


And i close this article with some pictures in the de Grisogono's workspace.

Crazy-Skull-de-grisogono-artisan-atelier-915x610.jpg Pink gold black rodhium. Places for 891 rubis (27,85 cts)
Crazy-Skull-de-grisogono-sertissage-406x610.jpg Grey gold. Places for 891 white diamonds (22,15 cts)
Crazy-Skull-de-grisogono-ecrin-915x610.jpg Diamond heart cut (1,50 ct)