int4 If there is a place known for his jewelers in the world, it is well the « Place Vendôme ». Since more than a century, this place receives some of the greatest Jeweler’s maisons.
First to take place at Vendôme were Frederic Boucheron in 1893. And then Louis François Cartier in 1899 and Joseph Chaumet two years later.

int1 Mouboussin set up in 1955. Known for his « accessible luxury », it observes a selling increase from 10 to 12% for 2014 but cannot predict it for 2015 despite an effort of relocalisation of the production in France and Italy.
In fact, Mauboussin has always say that its jewels are made in India or made in China.
Assessment about the relocalisation is reserved. Costs have raised about 20% while the quality and delivery time aren’t much better.
This initiative allowed to increase the corporate image.
Mauboussin earn 70% of its turnover in France for 90% of french customers.
Unlike “Place Vendôme » has changed and has nearly exclusively russians, asians and middle-east customers.

int2 Van Cleef&Arpels, present since 1906, want to raise and propose a “cannot forbid” deal to Mauboussin.. Mouboussin leaves the « place Vendôme » for the next –step « rue de la paix » which has a better traffic.

Pour information les frères Meller, joaillers du roi depuis Louis XIII étaient installés au 22 rue de la Paix à partir de 1815 (aujourd’hui au 9). int3