Because we’re bored.

Because i am a perfectionist fashion designer, i add my soul in my creations, i give content to my garments by conceptualising, i’m looking for quality, i see beyond the style.
I’m bored to see some masterpieces, some exceptional know-how, ambitious creativity going unnoticed instagram, facebook ou pintinrest in favour of simple industrial paper box with the logo of a very famous brand.
How does an anonymous creation, somtimes technicaly wonderful, sometimes qualitatively sublime can be less esteemed than a simple logo famous because hard publicity?
And sometimes, add so much energy for so little gratitude is boring.
Boring to the moment when others designers, passionate persons or professionals remind me than exception is also, because it’s exclusive, rare, custom, less known by masses.

Fashion is of course the most obvious example. Famous brands sell them names to a central of perfume. This one lobotomize the customer with flashy commercials and use the codes of luxury.
I’m not going to come back on what is luxury. The real luxury isn’t (just) a name and as often, the name isn’t known.

Five professionals of the perfumery, under the impulsion of Marie Huet (general director of parfums d’Orsay ) brought together to create the « comité Joséphine ».
This committee has for ambition to federate, help, defend and of course promote the french maison of rares perfumes.
The « comité Joséphine » become a real luxury label because to come in, the maisons of parfums will have to be presented in front of an independent expert committee.
With this label, the customer will better recognize the authentics maison of rares perfumes and therefore to choose in expert.
Criterions for acceptation by the committee are :
-The originiality of creations
-The made in France
-The respect of legals standards
-The quality of suppliers
-The coherence of the concept of the brand.

This committee is make by Marie Huet, by also François Hénin (owner of Jovoy), byAna Estevane (co-owner Perfarium), by Luc Gabriel (president of « The Différent company ») and by Nicolas Chabot (president of «le Galion parfums »).

I’m personnaly very sympathic to them approach and happy by this initiative.