The christmas season is full of traditions. The eve diner is always the same as far as i can remember.
The tradition come back every december and make me enter in the spirit of christmas.Sight, taste, smell, are wakening. When i'm in Bordeaux, i like to go to take a cup of christmas tea with scones and jam at « Any’teas » in the passage Sarget.

Sans_titre2.jpg But a tradition cannot be an obstacle for a discovery. Mainly if this one take the code that make possible to immerse himself by this magic season. And if there is a magic place in Paris, because of the prestige, the lights, and all this people walking with their big shopping bags, it is the "Champs Elysées".
All this bustle, this long walk can, as asks the tradition, be break by a snack to warm up.
The hôtel Vernet, located close the "Champs Elysees", offer to us the occasion to renew the spirit of christmas and this tradition i care about.
Sans_titre-1.jpg Daniel Rodriguez signs his « Merry Cocktail Time » collection. A collection of cocktails with or without alcohol inspired by this winter season.
The Red Winter : Vodka, Liqueur Gloss, Red Currant gelly, Ginger ale and cherry chantilly.
The Claus to me : Rhum, Honey of flowers, green lemon, liqueur Chartreuse, egg whites and citrus bitters.
The Orange gift: Whisky single malt, red vermouth , amargo chuncho and Grand Marnier liquor.
For the alcohols free, the new chef barman has created the Bunny Pepper: Carrot juice, mango juice, fresh ginger and Sechuan pepper.
Sans_titre-4.jpg If you are looking for me between 6 and 8pm, i will be under the glass roof.

Hôtel Vernet 25 rue Vernet 75008 Paris France